Max Marshall

Your British Voice Over Talent

Max Marshall is...

A native Englishman, a voice actor, and a singer. I voice everything with emotive force for clients from my broadcast quality home studio in Brighton, U.K.

I've been voicing for over 5 years, and companies have been placing their trust in my delivery for just as long.

Let me breathe life into your words.


The Cooler Me


  • Sennheiser MKH 416 microphone

  • Solid State Logic SSL2 interface

  • Reaper daw

  • Custom PVC Structure with Acoustic Blankets recording booth

  • Source Connect Now || Discord || Skype || Zoom remote connections

Selected Works


1-on-1 Commercial CoachingDave Bisson
1-on-1 Character CoachingJune Yoon
Voice Acting 201Closing Credits/Brenden Hunter
Staying Current in the Commercial VO MarketTanya Rich
You're on the Air!Roger Grant


Prepared to voice your project, anytime, anywhere.

Thank you.